We are building a global platform to enable the sharing of skills, knowledge and experience via 1-to-1 online sessions

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Your drive-thru for skills and knowledge

Skillthru is designed to be your drive-thru for skills and knowledge: fast, made-to-order, delicious! It is the eLearning platform that connects talent around the world. Level up your skills with tailored 1-to-1 live lessons anytime you need. Our community is brought to life by students and mentors.

Students are anybody with a desire to learn. As a student, you might want to know something about another country, a piece of information to pass an important exam or look into life in another country before moving there. You might also enjoy a tailored wine tasting or a live cooking class.

Mentors are anybody with a desire to share their skills and knowledge. You might have professional skills refined through years of experience, you might have a knack for keeping houseplants alive, or you might have insights about your home country or hometown - no skill will go to waste!

Our Core Values

We connect
talents around the world



Made To Order

Each lesson is crafted by your mentor just for you. Whether you are looking for the answer to a specific question or need long-term assistance for your project, your mentor will design the right learning path.





Packed With Practical Experience

Each mentor on Skillthru has practical knowledge to offer. Thanks to their expertise and real-life experience, you can count on hands-on tips applicable to your specific situation.





Learn Anything, Anytime

We know the feeling: you need answers; now! Our mentors are available throughout the week for regular lessons or quick consultations. So, you can leverage their knowledge whenever you need it the most.




Our Mission & Vision

This is
our goal

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Our Mission

Skillthru is designed for individuals to access knowledge that is relevant and actionable at a minimal cost, and whenever they need it the most. We believe that everyone has skills, knowledge and experience worth sharing. Our mission is to connect those with something to teach with those looking for that skill.

Our Vision

As more mentors and students join, Skillthru can help people around the world connect and share experiences. You might be able to listen to the testimony of someone who witnessed the fall of the Berlin Wall or was in the front row at Live Aid. What is this, if not the best kind of cultural exchange?!

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