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Top Websites for Online Craft Classes

By admin
2022-08-10 |    0

The adoption of technology has made it easier than ever to hone your favorite craft or learn something new. Through online craft classes, tutors who are experts in their fields can help you add another dimension to your skills like painting, photography, and so much more. In this article, we have profiled the best online resources to learn and enhance your craft skills. But first, let us give you an overview of the same. 

What are Online Craft Classes?

Generally, online craft classes are dedicated to teaching learners new skills. This could include watching pre-recorded sessions or interacting with tutors in real-time where they take the learners through a specific skill. 

There are different types of classes available online, depending on what you are looking to learn, you can get yourself enrolled from the comfort of your house. 

Why Should You Take Online Craft Courses?

Online craft courses can be incredibly beneficial to you as a maker. They can help you hone your skills and build on your knowledge. You will be able to learn from industry experts and this will strengthen your fundamentals. Moreover, online craft classes will give you an opportunity to learn techniques and at the same time get inspired with new ideas. They will also help your small craft business ideas flourish. 

A few of the craft lessons that are available online include:


  • Food Craft
  • Knitting
  • Embroidery Drawing 
  • Paper Craft
  • Jewelry Making 
  • Photography Classes

Top Websites for Online Craft Classes


Skillthru is a UK-based online learning platform that is designed for people who are looking to explore their creative side. Tutors are professionals in their fields, and teaching courses include gardening, DIY and crafts, and more.

Pricing of Skillthru- The DIY and crafts classes on Skillthru cost start from around $10. 


Craftsy is all about crafts. The classes revolve around areas such as painting, photography, sewing, knitting, food crafts, gardening, and quilting, among others. For in-depth learning of the skills, online learning is divided into structured classes with several sessions. Live sessions are also offered. 

Pricing of Craftsy-  A learner can pay for individual classes, or can subscribe to gain access to all the sessions. Two subscription tiers are available at $7.99/month and $79.99/year. 


Domestika is an online learning platform where experts and creatives share their knowledge and skills through professionally produced online courses. Craft classes available on Domestika include crocheting, cake designing, furniture designing, ceramic making, jewelry designing, and much more. 

Pricing of Domestika - The pricing is set by instructors, so it can range from $10 to more. However, a learner can also opt for Domestika Pro subscription that will give an additional 20% discount on courses for $59.99/ per year. 


CraftJam is a New York-based craft studio that hosts live craft classes on topics such as needle felting and macramé plant hangers. The platform uses the technique of crafting and the science of neuroplasticity to help organizations and teams perform better. The platform also hosts WebJams, where the studio sends all the necessary supplies to the participants to participate in a live-streamed workshop from the comfort of their homes. 

Pricing of CraftJam

The classes on CraftJam cost around $20 each. 



Online classes make learning a new skill accessible for people around the globe. This is why we hope that the information provided by us in this article is useful for you. So if you are interested in opting for an online craft class, get in touch with us at Skillthru.